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Multiple proofing issues

29 – “[Partyname] will pay the costs of collection” should be entirely removable
52 – bring in the property options
54 – “subject to the…” should be in an option box in case not needed
67 – there’s a double “the” in line 2
90 – delete words 7-9 (“to the resp/app”) so it just reads eg “The applicant will pay periodical payments for the benefit…” In the bullet that starts “extras charged” there is a double space after “each of them”. In the second last sentence, the long clause “directly to the person…. agent for the [respondent/app]” should be optional – ie either use it or don’t, in which case sentence ends at “which they relate”.
92 – if you have a male-female marriage, the second para is picking up the wrong term – it’s inserting “pronouncement of final dissolution” instead of “pronouncement of decree absolute”
93 – rogue spaces are appearing after “pronouncement of decree absolute” in both sentences.
96-98 – clicking DDJ or DJ removes option to insert his/her name
96 – can we have a colon at end of first line, insert bullet points for the two sub-paras, and at end of the first sub para insert semicolon so it reads “arrears of maintenance; and”
97 – as above, can we insert colon at end of first para, insert bullets for the two subparas and put a semicolon in “arrears of maintenance; and”
98 – in last sentence when it bring in the Act – MCA 1973 or CPA – we need to insert a space between the year and the word “the”
100 – The last sentence should start with an upper case The
101 - needs option of Judge/free text
105 – about ten words in there’s a double “the”

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