Selecting precedents for your agreement -

Once you've opened your new agreement, you can select the precedents in the following way.

You can navigate through the precedents before choosing which to include in the agreement you're drafting. The precedent will be highlighted in white to show it's active.

You need to click on the check box to the left to control whether the precedent is included in the exported agreement.

You can toggle this on or off.

This is the key approach - you select which precedents to include in your agreement from the bank of precedents include in this edition of Precedents for Consent Orders.

Ticking all 

You can also tick all the precedents with a single click if you need to create and exported document that includes a large number of the precedents. You may want to do this to print out all the precedents for reference purposes.

Be careful not to untick all by mistake as this will remove your selection, although it does not alter how each precedent has been configured. You will just need to remember which precedents you want to include in your agreement.

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