The layout of each precedent -

Each precedent comes with the following functions: some are specific to the whole agreement you are drafting, others are specific to the precedent you are drafting.

Here's how each precedent is set out:

The reference or name you have given to the agreement appears at the top.

To the left is the panel with the bank of precedents, grouped to make these easier to navigate through.

To the right is the pane containing the active precedent.

The name of the precedent appears at the top of this pane. Above that, is the navigation widget for your agreement. The arrows to you back or forward through each precedent in the agreement. The arrows on the end navigate to the first or last precedent included in the agreement.

The number of the paragraph the precedent represents in the agreement is denoted, along with the total number of paragraphs in the agreement. For example, if six precedents are selected for inclusion in the agreement you are working on, and the first precedent is the active one - it will say "1 of 6", i.e. you're on the first precedent (paragraph 1 of the agreement), out of a total of 6 precedents in the agreement.

You can also type the number of the paragraph you wish to navigate to, if this is quicker.

Remember, to include a precedent in the agreement you're drafting, you need to select it by checking the tickbox on the extreme left of the screen.

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