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There are primarily three types of fields in the online precedents.
  • Dropdowns
  • Free text fields
  • Date fields

These will offer you a number of predefined options for you to select.

If you’d like to remove a selection in a dropdown, you can do this by selecting “Remove”

Leaving a dropdown blank. What happens?

Changing the text – adding free text – is this possible? Can I add my own option?

Free text

A free text field will almost always come with guidance as to the kind of information that you should aim to add to the free text field.

The free text field will be highlighted yellow/orange until you add content to it.

Once you click on a free text field and it becomes active, the free text field will be highlighted blue.

Date fields

Date fields need to be filled following the following format: dd/mm/yyyy

By default, many date fields will be filled in with today's date.

You can active/deactivate the date picker tool or popup from the "Account" button in the top right of the page:

This is what the datepicker popup looks like:

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