Can I use my login details from the main Resolution website?

Unfortunately, for the moment you can't. the website where the online edition of the "Precedents for Consent Orders" sits, is separate to the main Resolution website ( to access the members area.

At this early stage in the development of Resolution's online services we want to avoid making assumptions about how the services are best integrated. 

As we phase in the launch, not all members will have access to a account immediately. Your account on will not be linked to your account on the main Resolution website.

If you wish, you can of course use the same password on as you have on the main website. You can choose your password on and change it when you wish.

Click on: Account > Edit account > Change Password
You'll need to enter your old password. Then enter your new password and confirm it.

Once becomes more established, we hope to add single sign-on functionality, so that you'll just need one account for all your Resolution services.

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