How is the drafting I do saved?

This application is designed so that each change you make to your agreement is automatically saved, as you draft.

The application saves field by field.

As soon as you click on to a new field - it becomes active (highlighted blue), whatever you've added to previous field is saved automatically on the Resolution server (the blue highlighting stops).

Highlighted blue... below when you click outside the text field the highlighting disappears and it is saved.

What happens if I lose connection to the internet?

Even if you lose connection to the internet, you are unlikely to lose your work. It will simply mean you cannot save further work to Resolution's server. 

You will receive notification of this on the screen.

You will lose any new text you've added that has not been saved, if you close your browser.

If you regain your internet connection, it will save in the normal way.

If you have lost your connection to the internet, and want to close your browser, you might want to copy and paste the unsaved text in a text editor on your computer or mobile device. Any text will only be unsaved if it is in a text field highlighted blue.

Why have I lost connection to the Resolution server?

The most probable cause for the server not being available is that you have lost connection to the internet.

Another cause may be that your session has timed out. If you are not actively using for 60 minutes or more. If this is the case you will need to log back in. Your work will be saved as soon as you are logged back in.

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