Client confidentiality

The online version of Resolution's Precedents for Consent Orders has the facility to input and store certain personal information about your clients.

Resolution has taken a number of steps to ensure that your client's personal information is secure.

  1. The data is stored in the Powergate data centre in central London.
  2. Your online connection to the website is via a secure link (https) as you would connect in the case of online banking.
  3. All the personal information your save on your account is encrypted.

However, it is important to note that by using Resolution's online version of Precedents, your client's personal data is being stored off of your firm's site. This may, therefore, impact on what you include in your stated agreement with your clients about confidentiality.

Options for not uploading clients' personal information

Depending on your needs, we've deliberately the online drafting process to be as flexible as possible.

We've included the facility for adding your client's personal information as this can help speed up the drafting process. However, it is not essential.

It is still possible to use Precedents for Consent Orders online for drafting without inputting any of your client's personal information.

You can use Precedents for Consent Orders online to draft your agreement and then add your clients' details once you've exported your agreement and downloaded it to your system.

If you add generic holding text in the client details section of the online version, you can use the "Find and replace" function is Word to add in your client's personal information.

In this example, we've given the applicant the generic name "Test AB" and the respondent the generic name "Test CD". You can set the gender for each, which ensures the correct pronouns are used throughout your agreement.

You can then draft and include the precedents as required. Once finished, you can export your agreement as a Word document to your own system.

Then you can use the "Find and Replace" functionality in Word to add in the personal information as required.

For more information on "Find and Replace" in Microsoft Word, check with Microsoft help.

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