Can more than one person access an account on at any one time?

The system has been designed to be used by one user per account.

More than anything else, this is because this is the simplest to achieve a high standard of security. Multi-user access and working collaboratively on drafting is something we may include in a future phase of development. 

This means that to ensure the user with access can fully control what is drafted, the accuracy of the information inputted and is fully compliant with their own duty to client confidentiality, we've erred on the side of caution and made sure only one user can access an account at a time.

There are currently no multi-user access control options - so any person with access to an account (has username and password) ultimately has full access to view any content by way of agreements/orders drafted and can edit any content.

It's therefore not possible to track changes or implement other workflow checks through this system you might want to, if you have multiple people involved in the drafting process.

What we would recommend is that sharing and collaboration on drafting is done through simply exporting the order from Resolution's online system in Word format and sharing in line with your own processes/procedures. This along with your usual policies on online security and managing passwords that you have to guard against the risk of unauthorised access.

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